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Fruit of the Vine Collection

The natural themes of Fruits, Vines and Flowers have been used in interior architecture for centuries to convey a sense of richness and abundant life. Live life to the fullest with Castlewood's Fruit of the Vine Collection, an intricatley detailed hand carved array of architectura; wood embellishments that will make your kitchen, bath, or wine cellar look and feel like it emanated from the Southern European wine country.


Fruit of the Vine Corbels

Jumbo Grape Corbel Acanthus Grape Corbel Grapevine Bar Bracket Tall Grape Corbel
SY-CA-70 » SY-CA-112 » SY-CA-100 » SY-CA-113 »
Fruit Corbel Small Grape Acanthus Corbel
SY-CA-114 »  SY-CA-102 »  SY-CA-101 »  SY-CA-213 » 

Fruit of the Vine Overlays and Rosettes

  Carved Grape Rosette      Carved Grape Rosette   Grape Cluster
SY-2101 »  SY-2102 »                SY-3063 »  
  Grape Cluster      
SY-3064 »   SY-CF-3051 »   SY-O-089 »  
  Grape Overlay      
SY-2124 » SY-CF-3050 »  

Fruit of the Vine Moldings

SY-MD-7025 » SY-MD-7018 »

Fruit of the Vine Legs and Posts

         Grape Table Leg           Grape Post
SY-L-5043 » SY-P-5031 »

Castlewood Catalog Volume 7

Castlewood is excited to announce the release of the new Castlewood Book of Fine Carved Wood Decoration Volume VII. The new catalog features a variety of new products including wood range hoods, floating shelves, vanity bases, and island and table leg extensions, as well as additions to some of our most popular current lines.

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