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The Classic Collection by Castlewood

Classic is a term used to describe something that is at it's essence timeless with lasting significance and exhibiting the highest quality. Classic design is characterisized by clean tailored lines. Castlewood's Classic Collection offers a tasy array of enduring architectural elements designed to make any interior project shine with style. Adorn your castle with Castlewood corbels, a treasure chest of Fine Hand Carved Wood Decoration.

Castlewood corbels are made from select North American hardwoods (Red Oak, Maple, and Cherry). Each corbel is a hand carved and hand sanded work of art that brings out the best in your custom woodworking application.

Classic Corbels

Large Classic Corbel Classic Corbel Classic Style Corbel
SY-CA-72 » SY-CA-94 » SY-CA-105 »
Classic Corbel Small Classic Corbel Small Classic Corbel
SY-CA-106 »   SY-CA-126 »  SY-CA-107 » 

Classic Overlays and Rosettes

   Carved Fleur di lis Rosette   Fleur di Lis Rosette
SY-1002 »  SY-1001 » 

Classic Feet, Legs, and Posts

  French Post     French Table Leg     French Leg  Tulip Bunn Foot  Queen Anne Leg 
SY-P-5035 » SY-L-5040 »       SY-BF-179 »        SY-BF-177 » SY-BF-180 » 

Castlewood Catalog Volume 7

Castlewood is excited to announce the release of the new Castlewood Book of Fine Carved Wood Decoration Volume VII. The new catalog features a variety of new products including wood range hoods, floating shelves, vanity bases, and island and table leg extensions, as well as additions to some of our most popular current lines.

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