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Bunn Feet

Castlewood's Bunn Feet Collection offers a broad assortment of turned feet and small hand carved legs for kitchen island and vanity cabinet applications. These designs will make stock cabinets into stand alone furniture and are available in a variety of hardwoods including Alder, Cherry, Maple, Red Oak, and Rubberwood.

Ball and Claw Foot Bunn foot Tulip Bunn Foot

Ball and Claw Leg »

Bunn Foot »

Tulip Foot »

Country Bunn Foot French Leg Queen Anne Leg

Country Bunn Foot »

French Leg »

Queen Anne Leg »

Squat Bunn Foot Chunky Bunn Foot Woven Bunn Foot

Squat Foot »

Chunky Bunn Foot »

Woven Foot »

Reeded Bunn Foot Ivy Bunn foot Acanthus Bunn Foot
Reeded Foot » Ivy Foot » Acanthus Foot »
Shaker Foot Lion Foot Coved Bunn Foot 
Shaker Foot » Lion Foot » Coved Foot »
Rope Bunn Foot from Castlewood     
Rope Foot » Metaline Foot » Mission Foot »
Short Tapered Foot »  Small Coved Foot »  Round Bunn Foot » 
Classic Bunn Foot  Apple Foot  Cup Foot 
Classic Bunn Foot   Apple Foot   Cup Foot  
Flat Bunn Foot     
Flat Bunn Foot      

Castlewood Catalog Volume 7

Castlewood is excited to announce the release of the new Castlewood Book of Fine Carved Wood Decoration Volume VII. The new catalog features a variety of new products including wood range hoods, floating shelves, vanity bases, and island and table leg extensions, as well as additions to some of our most popular current lines.

View Catalog »

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