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The Woven Collection by Castlewood

The Basket Weave and Lattice design styles in interior architecture became popular in the 14th century Europe. The style involves the plaiting of wooden slats, interwoven to resemble a basket. Lattice panels were commonly employed as door inserts or privacy screens. These two design themes are combined to create Castlewood's Woven Collection, an offering of intricate hand carved decoration for more elaborate designs.


Woven Corbels

Woven Bar Bracket  Woven Corbel  Small Woven Corbel   
SY-CA-16 » SY-CA-160 » SY-CA-162 » SY-CA-161 » 

Woven Overlays and Rosettes

Square Woven Rosette Square Woven Rosette   Woven Overlay
           SY-3036 »             SY-3037 »                    SY-3038 »  

Woven Moldings

              SY-MD-7012 »

Woven Feet, Legs, and Posts

Woven Table Leg Woven Bunn Foot
SY-L-5041 »           SY-BF-183 »

Castlewood Catalog Volume 7

Castlewood is excited to announce the release of the new Castlewood Book of Fine Carved Wood Decoration Volume VII. The new catalog features a variety of new products including wood range hoods, floating shelves, vanity bases, and island and table leg extensions, as well as additions to some of our most popular current lines.

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